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  • The devastation of Corona and the Singha Durbar of villages

     The global epidemic of the Novel Corona virus has infected more than half a million people worldwide and killed an estimated 3.5 million people. The world is terrified of this epidemic and human life is being threatened. Our country Nepal could not remain untouched by this global epidemic. By the time this material was prepared, more than a thousand corona infections had been found in Nepal and five people had lost their lives.

    Due to the corona virus, which has taken the form of a global epidemic, the general Nepalis are terrified. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So are you and your neighbors safe from Korna infection? Isn't the infection spreading like wildfire? This is what the general public is afraid of. On the one hand, they are scared due to the corona infection, on the other hand, ordinary Nepali youths are returning home from home and abroad, while thousands of youths have been forced to lose their jobs and the number of unemployed youths in villages has increased. They are currently without work. This does not mean that the disease and hunger situation in the village society will not be dire in the future.

    Indeed, the youths were not in the village when they were farming yesterday. The limited number of farmers in the village, even the elderly people, have been cultivating as much as they can and the limited amount of food produced by them and some of the money brought by the same youths have been working for so long. Now, if the scope of the test is not widened and the timber is still lengthening, how many days will the grain grown by the farmer living in the village and the limited amount of money earned by the same youth last? In the villages, on the one hand, the general youth, the unemployed, on the other hand, the food shortage will be over and a situation of monstrous famine will be created.

    The role of local levels, with few exceptions, has not been very effective in the current catastrophic epidemic. Although limited local levels have tried to do something different, local governments as a whole have not been able to play an effective role except bringing people from cities to villages and distributing relief. So much work was done yesterday even during the devastating earthquake when there was no local government. Really, the local government where the legislature, executive and judicial committee are at the same level have the right to formulate policy on their own. Isn't it necessary to change our policy rules according to the situation like catastrophe and epidemic and bring a package program accordingly to prevent the unspent budget epidemic prevention and the situation arising from it? With only one month left in the current fiscal year, the total budget of the entire country has not been spent more than eighteen percent. From this point of view, it seems that the local level has also spent on its periphery and a lot of budget is yet to be spent. Is it still waiting for the budget to be spent? Thus, when the citizens are suffering from disease and hunger and want "quick relief from the disease and escape from hunger", the development of the dozer will not save the citizens from the disease nor will their hunger be eradicated! ’

    Therefore, for some time, all the checkpoints within the municipality will be sealed off and the air circulation will be closed and the local government will not be able to spend its own budget. If we can manage and prevent the spread of the remaining diseases, this will be the concrete and important unforgettable task of the local government in the current situation. Strategies in the program package to create employment for the unemployed youth who entered the village even after the epidemic of Corona and to develop entrepreneurship in them by establishing and developing small and cottage enterprises based on collective and cooperative commercial farming, advanced animal husbandry, forest and handicrafts. Being prepared and implemented will be the second important step and these steps will turn both the disease and hunger of the common citizen. At last, the citizens will feel the local government and feel that there is a Sihdarbar in the village. Otherwise, in such a dire situation where disease and hunger are rampant, bringing the city dwellers from the city to the village and taking them to the houses of the citizens and distributing soap and masks alone does not give the general public the feeling of a village. Sihandarbar of the village envisaged with such a big right, getting involved in small things can spread disillusionment among the citizens. Therefore, the Sihandarwar of the village, which is silent even in the difficult situation, has no meaning. There is still time to do something, let's not wait for the tortoise speed of the corona test!


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